Information for Rockford Homeowners

Listed below is general information for Rockford Homeowners.


See the sketch of the approved versions of the mailbox post below. If the post needs to be replaced please contact a Board member for a source for installation. Also see the page posted below for U.S. Post Office regulations. Treated wood should be used and the post should be installed in cement.


Garage Doors

The Board has approved metal insulated doors for replacement of garage doors. The doors must be painted the same color as the house trim.

Thomasino Door and Window (Original Installer)
2051 Oak Mountain Drive - 663-0366
Metal Door #4050 (16 x 7)

Other approved vendors:

Overhead Door Co.
2600 Crestwood Blvd - 956-3667
391 series.

Postens Overhead Door Co.
985 Gadsden Highway - 836-8620
Steel insulated Weatherguard.

Holmes or Amarr metal garage doors without windows (available at Lowe's) are also acceptable.

Landscape Lighting and Automatic Sprinklers

Board does not have to approve.

Exterior Lighting on Sides of Garage

Brass Coach Lights are the standard. Any variation from the standard should be approved by the Board.

Replacement of Windows

Exact replacement of window frames with wood or wood grain vinyl does not need Board approval. Any variation from the standard must be approved by the Board.

Garbage Pick-up

Regular garbage pick-up is on Monday and Thursday. Recycle pick-up is on Wednesday. Heavy trash and tree trimmings are picked-up on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Phone number: 254-6314.

Election Signs

No election signs are to be placed on lawns, but may be placed in windows inside home.


The Original Brick (Queen Size Cordova from Jenkins Brick Co.) is no longer available. The closest match approved by Board is Old English Tudor or Osage from General Shale Company at Jenkins Brick in Pelham, AL.

Storm Doors

Must use full view glass for front storm doors.

Street Lights

Alabama Power has a directive to address the outage of streetlights. When a streetlight is out, call 1-800-254-2244 and if there is an identification number plate on the pole, this helps to identify the owner and if it's not Alabama Power, they advise the correct person. Provide the exact address of the light or specific directions to it. Repairs take place in the day when the light is not on.


The original shingles (Celotex Fiberglass/20 yrs. Weathered Wood Blend) are no longer made. Colors close to the original are CertainTeed CT 20 Weathered Wood or Royal Sovereign (GAF) 25 yr. Weathered Gray.   Additionally, for homes with trim paint colors of White , Indian Ivory (yellow), or Taos (tan), CertainTeed Landmark Premium Max Def Burnt Sienna shingles may be used.  Available at ABC Supply Co. Inc. 900 13th Street, North (328-3413). The board has also approved use of three tabbed shingles made by Timberline and Landmark.

All requests for exterior changes must be submitted to the board in writing. The board will respond to the request in writing.