Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When does the Board of Directors meet?
    • The Board meets bi-monthly, typically on the 3rd Monday of the month.
  2. How do I become a member of the Board of Directors?
    • If you would like to serve on the Board, please speak to a current Board member. Vacancies are filled each year at the Annual Fall Neighborhood Meeting and each member is voted upon via ballot by Rockford homeowners. The Board is made up of only Rockford homeowners and is a volunteer position.
    • The Board is made up of no less than 7 and no more than 11 Rockford homeowners.
  3. I have a request to present to the Board for approval, what do I do?
    • For any home-related request (fence, paint color, roof color, etc.), please send your request by either e-mail or U.S. Mail to the Board President. Your request will then be presented to the entire Board and action taken as quickly as administratively possible.
  4. I have a complaint about a neighbor, what should I do?
    • If your complaint is related to the condition of the home or the condition of the lawn, or is related to the violation of any covenant, please submit your complaint in writing to the Board President via e-mail or letter. If the complaint is of an urgent nature, or you want to discuss the situation before filing a complaint, please e-mail or call a Board member.
    • If your complaint is not related to the covenants of the neighborhood (noise, etc.), the Board has no jurisdiction. If warranted, please call the Birmingham Police Department’s non-emergency number (205-328-9311).
  5. Can a homeowner incur fines for violating the covenants?
    • Yes, fines may be incurred for violating and/or ignoring the covenants of the neighborhood. Fines may be imposed at up to $500 per incident, with additional fines added until the homeowner is in compliance with the covenants of the neighborhood.
  6. What steps does the Board take when a homeowner fails to adhere to the covenants of the neighborhood?
    • Please see the addendum to your covenants, dated May 13, 2004. For your convenience, follow this link.
  7. Can I place political signs in my yard?
    • No. Per the covenants, no signs can be visible at any home, with the exception of those advertising the home as 'For Sale' or 'For Rent'.
  8. How much are my homeowner dues?
    • Currently, the Rockford Homeowners Association dues are $200 annually. An invoice is mailed to each homeowner annually.
  9. What do these dues pay for?
    • Landscaping and signs at both entrances
    • Water for common areas
    • Electricity for common areas
    • Insurance
    • Office supplies/postage directly related to association business
    • Expenses for the Neighborhood Spring Social and the Annual Fall Neighborhood Meeting and Social
    • Any legal fees incurred during collection proceedings
  10. What is the mailing address for the association?
    • Rockford Homeowners Association
    • P.O. Box 190103
    • Birmingham, AL 35219
  11. Does the neighborhood have a website?
    • Yes.
    • On the website, you can find the covenants, bylaws, Board Member information and other helpful information.